dulcemami007 (dulcemami007) wrote,

Dedicated to SUS n Natty

hahah yea i def memba the whole ilyas thing...back in tha day..hahha
damn i just re read that post, that was kinda mean..but o well she was really pissin me off n was readin ova my shoulder so ya know me...lol

but yea i was DEF thinkin bout dyce last night..it didnt really stand for anythign but i remember one day in math last year i was just sittin there drawin cubes n then i drew a dice and i was like O SHIT this can be like our lil thing...me u sus n nadier i think..n then our lil sayin or wateva was sumthin like "we might play with the boys, but its never the other way around" hahah sumthin like thast..ya know

but fuck yea i DEF miss all of our times n shit...7th and 8th grade was really tha hottness,,,dr tay..ohhh yesterday i was in the supermarket with my mom and iw as going to get cookie dough ice cream and guess what flava i saw?????? MOOSE tracks..lmao..ahhhh good good times..


CCN= Car Char Nattie...wahoooo
always n foreva!

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